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20+ Best Ninja Creami Sorbet Recipes You Need to Try

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We’re sharing some of our favorite easy sorbet recipes for the Ninja Creami, so you can enjoy a refreshing sweet treat without a lot of effort.

With so many delicious Ninja Creami sorbet recipes to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one favorite. The good news is, you don’t have to choose just one!

five photos showing different varieties of Ninja Creami sorbets, including mango, berry lemon, strawberry, violet lemonade, and pear sorbets.

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Whether you’re new to the Ninja Creami ice cream maker or you’ve been enjoying it for a while, chances are pretty good that you know how versatile it is.

Not only can you make countless varieties of homemade ice cream, smoothie bowls, and frozen yogurt, but you can also create refreshing sorbets at the touch of a button.

One of my favorite features of the Ninja Creami machine is just how easy it is to transform simple ingredients into the perfect sweet treats that I can enjoy whenever the craving strikes.

We’re sharing our favorite Ninja Creami sorbet recipes today, which are perfect for spring and summer!

From fresh fruit to canned fruit, these easy recipes are deliciously easy.

Not only that, but many of these are considered a lighter, more healthy treat than some heavier ice cream recipes.

And because most of these are dairy free Ninja Creami recipes, they’re great for those who might not be able to enjoy traditional ice creams.

Our Favorite Easy Ninja Creami Sorbet Recipes

The best Ninja Creami recipes are the ones that are easy to make but still feel like an indulgent treat–and these sorbets fit the bill!

1. Ninja Creami Mango Sorbet

Canned mangos are the star of the show in this easy mango sorbet recipe.

You can adjust the level of sweetness by choosing what liquid the mango pieces are packed in. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

2. Ninja Creami Spiced Pear Sorbet

This delicious pear sorbet recipe makes use of canned pears, plus warm spices to bring the flavors to life.

It’s similar to eating poached pears, but in frozen form!

3. Ninja Creami Cherry Limeade Sorbet

My daughter has dubbed this cherry limeade sorbet her favorite variety that we make!

It uses fresh lime juice and zest, plus canned cherry pie filling! It’s way better than a drink from Sonic!

4. Ninja Creami Berry Lemonade Sorbet

Take your favorite berry pie filling and add fresh lemon juice and zest for this refreshing, zippy berry lemonade sorbet.

It’s like summer in a bowl!

5. Ninja Creami Violet Lemonade Sorbet

If you’ve ever been to Disney World during the International Flower and Garden Festival, you probably know all about the violet lemonade at Epcot!

Why not turn it into a frozen treat with this violet lemonade sorbet recipe? This one disappears fast in my house!

6. Ninja Creami Fresh Strawberry Sorbet Recipe

This recipe transforms juicy, ripe fresh strawberries into the most delicious yet simple strawberry sorbet!

You’ll use a food processor or blender to puree the strawberries with some sugar or other sweetener of choice, making this an ultra-simple yet satisfying dessert.

7. Ninja Creami Strawberry Jell-O Sorbet

Did you know you can make strawberry sorbet in your Ninja Creami by using Jell-O? 

It’s super easy! Dissolving the gelatin first will help give the sorbet a smooth texture. Then freeze, spin, and enjoy a flavorful treat with minimal effort!

8. Ninja Creami Grape Sorbet

If you love grape popsicles, you’re going to love this grape sorbet!

Made with grape gelatin mix, it’s one of those easy recipes that my kids go crazy for on a hot day.

9. Ninja Creami Applesauce Sorbet

This applesauce sorbet is as easy as doctoring up some jarred applesauce with a little brown sugar and cinnamon!

The end result is a “sugar and spice and everything nice” kind of treat.

10. Ninja Creami Orange Sorbet

I grew up loving orange push-pops, and this orange sorbet tastes so much like those!

The orange Jell-O gives it just the right amount of flavor and sweetness, and it’s a refreshing treat we love.

11. Ninja Creami Watermelon Lemonade Sorbet

The perfect way to use up leftover watermelon, this watermelon lemonade sorbet combines two of summer’s most iconic flavors.

It’s easy to make and disappears fast!

12. Ninja Creami Apple Cinnamon Sorbet

Transform a can of apple pie filling into dessert with this apple cinnamon sorbet recipe!

This is an easy Ninja Creami recipe that’s perfect for beginners, because there’s not even any mixing involved. Talk about easy!

13. Ninja Creami Blueberry Lemonade Sorbet

Fresh blueberries combine with storebought lemonade to create a frozen blueberry lemonade sorbet.

This recipe does include cream cheese, so either omit it or use a vegan cream cheese if you need to keep it dairy-free.

14. Ninja Creami Cherry Pie Sorbet

Another pie filling wonder, this cherry pie sorbet is a one-ingredient treat you won’t soon forget!

The result is a smooth, creamy sorbet that will remind you of county fair blue ribbons.

15. Ninja Creami Dole Whip

Now you can enjoy the classic Disney Dole Whip at home! This Ninja Creami Dole Whip is somewhat of a mix between a sorbet and an ice cream in terms of texture, but it’s dairy-free and bursting with pineapple flavor.

There’s a secret ingredient that everyone should keep in their pantry so they can enjoy a taste of the tropics whenever the urge hits.

16. Ninja Creami Pineapple Sorbet

If you want an ultra-simple pineapple sorbet recipe, you can use canned pineapple to make it happen!

Adjust the sweetness level by choosing between fruit packed in juice, light syrup, or heavy syrup. So easy, but so good!

17. Ninja Creami Lemon Sorbet

If you love the idea of lemon Italian ice, you can make your own lemon sorbet at home!

Made with lemon juice and sweetened with brown sugar, it’s a simple but refreshing treat.

18. Ninja Creami Fruit Paradise Sorbet

This sorbet will remind you of a tropical paradise, thanks to canned pineapple, oranges, and grapefruit! Fresh bananas round out the sweetness.

This recipe makes up to three pints, but you could scale it down by purchasing smaller cans of fruit.

19. Ninja Creami Raspberry Sorbet

Fresh raspberries and sugar are the only ingredients you need for this raspberry sorbet.

Once you blend the two together into a puree, it’s ready to be frozen, then the Ninja Creami transforms it into a delicious treat!

20. Ninja Creami Kiwi Sorbet

Fresh kiwi are pureed with sugar and a hint of lime juice, creating a kiwi sorbet that’s both sweet and refreshing.

It’s an easy dairy-free dessert that makes use of ripe fruit.

21. Ninja Creami Blackberry Sorbet

Fresh blackberries are the epitome of summer, and using them to make this Ninja Creami blackberry sorbet is the best idea!

I strain out the seeds for a smooth sorbet, but you can leave them in if you’d like.

22. Ninja Creami Cantaloupe Sorbet

Another summer favorite is this Ninja Creami cantaloupe sorbet, made with a juicy, ripe melon.

The flavor is so refreshing–one of my favorite treats for a hot day!

23. Ninja Creami Fresh Peach Sorbet

If you can’t get enough of perfectly ripe fresh peaches, then you’re going to adore this easy peach sorbet!

As a bonus, you don’t even have to peel the peaches first. So simple!

24. Ninja Creami Fresh Cherry Sorbet

This delicious cherry sorbet is made with fresh, ripe cherries, so it’s the perfect summer time dessert!

It’s easy to make, and the flavor is out of this world.

How to Make Sorbet in the Ninja Creami Machine

The basic process for making Ninja Creami sorbet is actually quite simple!

You’ll start with whatever form of fruit the recipe calls for. In some cases, it’s fresh fruit pureed with sugar, in some cases it’s canned fruit in liquid, pie filling, fruit juice, etc.

Once you’ve created your sorbet base according to the recipe instructions, you’ll pour the base into a Ninja Creami pint container, being careful not to exceed the max fill line on the container.

You’ll close the lid on the container and place it on a level surface in your freezer for at least 24 hours.

Once it’s had plenty of time to freeze, you’ll have solid bases that are ready to be processed.

Remove the pint lid and place the container into the outer bowl of the machine. Close the outer bowl lid and place bowl assembly into the machine.

Select Sorbet function, unless otherwise indicated by the recipe. The motor base will “creamify” the sorbet.

What if My Ninja Creami Sorbet is Crumbly?

Sometimes, sorbet will be crumbly after the first time it’s been processed in the machine using the Sorbet button.

This can be due to the temperature of your freezer, the contents of the base, etc.

But the good news is, it’s an easy fix!

You can place the pint back into the machine and use the Re-spin function to process it again. Sometimes, this is enough to make it nice and smooth.

If that doesn’t take care of it, I recommend adding a tablespoon of liquid to the base (such as water, fruit juice such as apple or orange juice, or milk).

Then, place it back into the machine and using the Re-spin button again.

Afterward, it should have a smooth, creamy texture.

What’s the Difference Between Sorbet and Sherbet?

Sorbet and sherbet are often quite similar, because they both typically involve fruit as the main ingredient.

However, sorbet typically does not include dairy, whereas sherbet usually does.

If you’re looking for a yummy sherbet option, try our Ninja Creami orange sherbet!

Recommended Equipment for Making Sorbet in the Ninja Creami:

We hope these delicious fruit sorbet recipes will inspire you to enjoy a tasty treat on a hot summer day!

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five photos showing varieties of Ninja Creami sorbet recipes, including peach, pear, cherry limeade, berry lemonade, and mango.