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Top 10 Ninja Creami Cherry Recipes

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We’re sharing our favorite cherry recipes for the Ninja Creami, including the best ice creams and sorbets.

These Ninja Creami cherry recipes make use of cherries in all their forms–canned cherries, fresh cherries, even cherry pie filling!

collage image showing five different Ninja Creami cherry recipes.

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Cherries are one of the most versatile fruits, as you can enjoy them in so many different forms.

From pies to cakes to cookies and more, there’s no shortage of ideas.

But one of our favorite ways to enjoy their delicious flavor is by making cherry recipes in the Ninja Creami!

Whether you have fresh cherries available in the summer, are using canned cherries in the winter, or have some pie filling to use up, these Ninja Creami cherry recipes are all fantastic options!

Cherry Recipes for the Ninja Creami

We’re sharing some of our favorite cherry recipes you can make in your Ninja Creami.

They’re all easy and delicious, so feel free to pick a few to try!

1. Ninja Creami Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream

If two flavors ever deserved to go together, it was cherry and chocolate!

This delicious cherry chocolate ice cream is easy to make, with pie filling and brownie bits (or chocolate chips).

2. Ninja Creami Dark Sweet Cherry Sherbet

Canned dark sweet cherries are the star of the show in this easy cherry sherbet recipe!

This is one of those flavorful but creamy treats that disappears fast.

3. Ninja Creami Cherry Pie Sorbet

Who knew you could transform a can of cherry pie filling into sorbet?

The Ninja Creami makes it easy, so you can enjoy this cherry pie sorbet with minimal effort.

4. Ninja Creami Cherry Limeade Sorbet

Skip the drive-thru and enjoy the flavors of your favorite drink at home, thanks to this cherry limeade sorbet!

It’s super easy to make, with canned pie filling and fresh limes.

5. Ninja Creami Fresh Cherry Sorbet

If you have a bounty of fresh cherries to use up, this fresh cherry sorbet is one of my favmily’s favorites!

It’s full of flavor, with just the right amount of sweetness. So good!

6. Ninja Creami Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Canned cherry pie filling combines with cheesecake pudding mix, creating a creamy and delicious cherry cheesecake ice cream.

Add some graham crackers as a mix-in, if you’d like!

7. Ninja Creami Cherry Gelato

This cherry gelato uses frozen cherries, which are incorporated into a sweet base that’s flavored with almond extract.

If you want chunks of cherries in your ice cream, this is a great option.

8. Ninja Creami Cherry Garcia

Cherry whiskey and frozen cherries give this boozy ice cream plenty of flavor.

Add in some chocolate chips and you have a tasty sweet treat!

9. Ninja Creami Cherry Cola Italian Ice

For a dairy-free treat, this cherry cola Italian ice is super easy to make!

Cherry cola and black cherry Jell-O are the stars of the show with this simple recipe.

10. Ninja Creami Cherry Pie Ice Cream

This cherry ice cream is made with miniature cherry pies and pie filling mixed in at the end!

You get the flavor of the pie in a creamy frozen dessert.

Using Cherries in the Ninja Creami

As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to whipping up Creami creations with cherries!

Whether you’re using fresh, frozen, or canned, there’s something for everyone.

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