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How to Add a Mix-In with the Ninja Creami

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Adding mix-ins to your Ninja Creami creations takes them up a notch, expanding the countless varieties you can make!

Learn how to add a mix-in with the Ninja Creami, bringing more flavor and texture to your classic creations.

collage image featuring 5 different Ninja Creami ice creams that use mix-ins

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Revolutionizing the way we make homemade ice cream, the Ninja Creami shines with its unique mix-in method.

Typically, traditional ice cream machines require you to stir in your favorite add-ins during the churning process, just before the mix freezes solid.

This helps distribute chunks of chocolate, fruit, or cookies evenly through the creamy base.

By contrast, the Ninja Creami invites you to freeze your base first. Only after you’ve transformed the frozen block into a smooth texture do you introduce those delectable morsels.

This innovative approach ensures your mix-ins don’t get chopped too finely, offering an exciting texture and flavor with every bite.

If you’re new to this handy machine, you may be wondering how to add mix-ins with the Ninja Creami.

We’ll outline the process for you so you can create your own favorite concoctions!

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Mix-Ins

The general process of adding a mix-in to your Creami creation is really pretty simple.

Here are the basic steps you’ll follow:

  1. Spin your ice cream in the Ninja Creami until it reaches the desired consistency, opting for a Re-spin if the texture isn’t quite right.
  2. Carve out a well in the center of your spun ice cream using a butter knife. Aim for a width of at least 1-1.5 inches and ensure it reaches the bottom of the pint for maximum mix-in space.
  3. Introduce your chosen mix-ins into the well you’ve created. Whether it’s chocolate chips, chopped cookies, or nuts, make sure they’re sized just right—not too small, as they’ll break down further during blending.
  4. Place the pint back into your Ninja Creami and press the Mix-in button. This will incorporate your added goodies throughout the ice cream.
a finger pointing to the Mix-in button on the Ninja Creami machine

The Perfect Mix-in: Tips and Tricks

Creating a well in your ice cream is a step you can’t skip if you want your mix-ins to be perfectly distributed.

I’ve found that using a butter knife is the most effective tool for this job.

Plunge it right into the heart of your frozen dessert to carve out a well about 1 to 1.5 inches across, reaching down to the base of the pint.

When you do this, the ice cream may come up above the max fill line, but that’s okay at this point.

a well in the middle of a Ninja Creami pint for adding mix-ins

It’s crucial that you give your indulgent add-ins ample space to spread out evenly. The idea is to avoid any bite without a burst of flavor.

And remember, you don’t want your mix-in pieces to be too small, since softer pieces will break down a bit more when processing.

I’ve found that coarsely chopped mix-ins tend to work best, rather than finely chopped.

coarsely chopped Oreos added to a well in a Ninja Creami pint of ice cream

Choosing Your Mix-Ins Wisely

Considering the texture of your mix-in is important.

Hard mix-ins will generally remain more intact than softer mix-ins.

Larger pieces are a safe bet because the machine often breaks them down into smaller bits during integration, particularly if they’re fragile ingredients.

Chocolate chips, hearty chunks of chopped cookies (such as Oreos), a generous handful of nuts, candy pieces that promise a crunch, or frozen fruit are all fantastic starting points.

You’ll want to avoid using mix-ins that are very sticky (like caramel sauce or nut butters), as they don’t mix in well.

And Ninja recommends using frozen fruit rather than fresh fruit for mix-ins, as the fresh fruit can cause the treat to become watered down.

What Kind of Mix-Ins Can You Use in the Ninja Creami?

Some delicious mix-in ideas are:

  • Chocolate chips
  • Chopped cookies (such as Oreos)
  • Nuts
  • Candy pieces
  • Frozen fruit
  • Pretzels
  • Dry cereal

Mix-ins to Avoid:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Caramel sauce
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Nut butters
overhead view of a Ninja Creami pint container with chocolate pieces mixed into the ice cream

Ninja Creami Recipes Using Mix-ins

If you need some mix-in inspiration, we have several favorite recipes that incorporate these tasty additions.

To help you get started with the Mix-in button, try one of these delicious options:

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