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Top 10 Ninja Creami Accessories You Need

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Wondering what accessories are useful for the Ninja Creami? We’re sharing some favorites!

These Ninja Creami accessories will make using your new appliance even more fun!

collage image featuring various Ninja Creami accessories

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Maybe you just purchased or were gifted a Ninja Creami ice cream machine, and you’re learning the ropes.

Or maybe you’ve loved your machine for a while and you want to expand your options with it.

Perhaps you’re planning on giving a Ninja Creami gift to a loved one, and you’d like to include some fun accessories as part of a gift basket.

Either way, we’re sharing some of our favorite items that make the Ninja Creami even better!

Useful Ninja Creami Accessories

Here are some items that are helpful to have on hand for use with the Ninja Creami!

1. Extra Ninja Creami Pint Containers

First and foremost, everyone needs plenty of pint containers.

Since it takes at least 24 hours to freeze the ice cream base, you want to have enough containers so you can have ice cream ready to eat while other bases are still freezing.

The original machine you purchase should come with at least one container, and sometimes up to three containers (depending on where you purchase from).

But I’ve found that even three containers isn’t enough for me, so I bought more. It’s nice to have a variety of flavors waiting for me.

You can buy the Ninja brand of containers in sets of 2 or 4. Although there are some other off-brand manufacturers, I recommend sticking with the Ninja brand for best performance and safety.

Ninja Creami Pints , Compatible with NC299AMZ &…
  • GENIUNE NINJA CREAMI PINTS: Ensure optimal performance.
  • MAKE MORE FROZEN TREATS: Use 4 additional pints to store all your CREAMi frozen treats like ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and more.

2. Ninja Creami Pint Cozies

Let’s be honest–there will be days when you’ll just eat the ice cream straight out of the pint!

In that case, what you need is a pint cozy!

They function sort of like a “koozie,” insulating the pint and protecting your hands from the cold temperatures.

These hand-crocheted pint cozies are super cute and are available in multiple colors (pictured below on the left).

Or you may prefer a hand-sewn option made with printed fabric.

In that case, check out these pint covers (pictured below, on the right)!

There are multiple patterns available, and you can choose from the regular pint size or Deluxe pint size.

two different Ninja Creami pint cozies; one is green crochet and the other is strawberry printed fabric.
Crocheted Cozy By JoJosCraftShop on Etsy. Sewn Cozy By SewAmusedByLindaMuse on Etsy

3. Dessert Cups for Sharing

For the times when you’ll be forced to share your pint of ice cream, it’s always fun to have some little ice cream dishes!

I purchased some ceramic dishes a few years ago at the Target Dollar Spot that look like cute little ice cream cones, but Target doesn’t sell them anymore.

People always ask me about them, so I found some plastic ones similar here on Amazon.

I also have some footed tulip glass dishes, which are lovely and functional.

4. Immersion Blender

An immersion blender is one of those things that just makes it easier to prepare your ice cream bases.

It’s great for pureeing fruit, blending pudding mix into the ice cream base, etc.

There are countless models available, but I have a Cuisinart model like this one.

Cuisinart Hand Blender, Smart Stick 2-Speed Hand…
  • Versatile Hand Blender: Our hand blender is a multi-functional kitchen tool that can blend, mix, and puree a variety of ingredients to make smoothies, sauces, baby food, shakes, purees, and soups

5. Instant Pudding Mixes

I love making Ninja Creami recipes using pudding mix because the mix acts as a binder and provides sweetness and flavor.

Instant pudding mixes are inexpensive and are easy to keep on hand. Many people even use the sugar-free varieties!

In my opinion, it makes more sense to keep pudding in the pantry than a big bag of guar gum that I won’t use for anything else.

6. Flavor Syrups

Having a couple of flavor syrups on hand can be a great way to break up monotony! I especially love adding syrups to sorbets.

For instance, I use the violet syrup in my violet lemonade sorbet.

Check out the various flavors here!

7. Ice Cream Scoop

Everyone needs a good ice cream scoop to help serve up your frozen treats.

I have arthritis in my hands, so it’s important that I have a scoop that works well.

I think the Gorilla Grip scoop is a little easier to handle (it’s most often the one I use in the photos of my pints), but I like the shape of the OXO Good Grips scoops better (I scoop prettier rounds with this one for my photos).

I’ve used the aluminum scoops that heat up from the warmth of your hand, but I don’t love that they aren’t machine washable, so I don’t use one anymore.

However, many people swear by the aluminum Zeroll ice cream scoop, so if you don’t mind hand-washing, it could be a great choice!

8. Container for Mix-ins

Keep chopped or crushed mix-in pieces handy in a container like this!

Then when it’s time to serve up your ice cream, you have everything ready to go.

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9. Wipe-Off Labels

Because some ice creams can look very similar, even though they’re different flavors, it can be helpful to have a way to label your pints.

You can use erasable wipe-off labels or dissolvable labels.

You could also try the Kitchen Stickin tape dispenser, which can be mounted in your kitchen or pantry for ease of use!

10. Meat Tenderizer

If you’re not going to finish a pint in one sitting, you’ll want to save the leftovers.

In order to Re-spin the leftovers in the machine, the top surface needs to be level. That’s where this meat tenderizer comes in!

It can be used to tamp down the leftovers in the pint, creating a more level surface.

Personally, I don’t generally re-spin leftovers. I just let the pint sit out at room temperature to soften a bit before scooping.

But if you want to Creamify it again, then this tool could be useful for you!

Bellemain Meat Pounder Flattener, Easy-Grip Meat…
  • MEAT POUNDER: Transform tougher cuts of meat into juicy, tender, flavorful steaks. The meat beater breaks down muscle fibers and protein molecules, resulting in softer, thinner steaks that cook faster and are easier to chew.

11. Printable Ninja Creami Recipes Ebook

If you’d like some delicious printable Ninja Creami recipes, check out Tried and True: 35 Favorite Ninja Creami Recipes!

It contains some fantastic recipes, all in an easy-to-use printable format that you can download to your device.

Check it out here, or click the image below to learn more!

mockup of digital download printable Ninja Creami recipes

So there you have it!

We hope some of these fun accessories expand your options with your Ninja Creami–and make eating your delicious pints even more fun!

Be sure to save this list to your Ninja Creami board on Pinterest!

collage image featuring various photos of Ninja Creami accessories