Ninja Creami Maple Ice Cream

Enjoy the rich, sweet flavor of this maple ice cream made in the Ninja Creami.

This Ninja Creami maple ice cream is easy to make, and can serve as the base for the mix-ins of your choice.


– Milk – Instant vanilla pudding mix – Heavy cream – Maple extract

Dissolve Pudding Mix

First, you’ll combine milk and pudding mix in a small mixing bowl or large liquid measuring cup.

Whisk them together until the pudding mix has dissolved.

Add Remaining Ingredients

Next, you’ll add the heavy cream and maple extract, stirring to combine.

Pour the mixture into a Ninja Creami pint container, being careful not to exceed the max fill line. Place the lid on the container and transfer it to your freezer for at least 24 hours.



Remove the container from the freezer and place it into the outer bowl of the Ninja Creami machine.

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