Ninja Creami Kiwi Sorbet

For a refreshing yet easy treat, try making this kiwi sorbet in the Ninja Cream!

This Ninja Creami kiwi sorbet transforms fresh fruit into a frozen dessert you’ll love!


– Kiwi fruits – Granulated sugar – Lime juice

Puree The Kiwi

To start, you’ll need to peel and coarsely chop your kiwi fruit. Add the chunks of fruit to a food processor (or blender), then pulse to puree the fruit.

Stir sugar into the kiwi puree, mixing well to combine. You can start with 1/4 cup of sugar and then give it a taste to see if it needs the extra 1/4 cup.

Add Sugar

Add Lime Juice, If Using

Lime juice is optional here, but I had some on hand and added it because I love how citrus can “brighten” the flavors of other fruits.


Pour the mixture into a Ninja Creami pint container and secure the lid. Place the pint on a level surface in your freezer for at least 24 hours.


Remove the pint from the freezer and take off the lid. Place the pint container into the outer bowl of the Ninja Creami and secure the lid. Lock the outer bowl into the Ninja Creami machine and press the Sorbet button.

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