Delightful Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Skip the ice cream shop and make this homemade cotton candy flavored ice cream instead!

You’ll love this no churn cotton candy ice cream for its beautiful colors, its tasty flavor, and how easy it is to make!


– Heavy whipping cream – Cotton candy extract – Vanilla extract – Condensed milk

Whip The Cream

Add cold whipping cream to the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Add the cotton candy extract and vanilla extract to the heavy cream.

With the mixer on high speed, whip the heavy cream until stiff peaks form. Turn the mixer off.

Add Condensed Milk

Use a rubber spatula to add the sweetened condensed milk and mix gently until it’s incorporated and no yellow streaks remain.

Add half of the cream mixture to a separate bowl, so that you have two bowls of ice cream base. Add 3-5 drops of red food coloring to one bowl and 3-5 drops of blue coloring to the other bowl of ice cream base.

Tint The Ice Cream


Using an ice cream scoop or cookie scoop, drop ice cream mixture into an ice cream container, alternating between dollops of the two colors.

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