13+ Ninja Creami Recipes that are WeightWatchers® Friendly

If you’re looking for Ninja Creami recipes for WeightWatchers, we’re sharing some of our favorite treats that are low in points.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these Ninja Creami recipes that are WeightWatchers friendly, helping you meet your goals without feeling deprived.

Ninja Creami Applesauce Sorbet

This applesauce sorbet is not only easy to make, but it’s a refreshing sweet treat. You can use unsweetened applesauce, which is a zero point food.

Ninja Creami Cherry Limeade Sorbet

As written, this cherry limeade sorbet recipe calls for regular cherry pie filling. However, you can substitute no sugar added cherry pie filling instead!

Ninja Creami Peach Sorbet

This easy peach sorbet is made with canned peaches, so it’s super simple to make.

Ninja Creami Mango Sorbet

Because this mango sorbet uses canned fruit as well, you’ll want to be mindful of the liquid the mango is packed in.

Ninja Creami Spiced Pear Sorbet

For this pear sorbet, I use canned pears packed in juice. Without any added sugar, that would bring the point value to 2 points per 1/2 cup.

Ninja Creami Watermelon Lemonade Sorbet

This watermelon lemonade sorbet is a delicious recipe to make in the height of summer, when watermelon is at its peak!

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