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Top 10 Best Ninja Creami Frozen Yogurt Recipes

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It’s easy to make frozen yogurt in the Ninja Creami, and there are so many different flavor options!

We’re sharing some of our favorite varieties of Ninja Creami frozen yogurt recipes, so you can enjoy a higher-protein treat you can feel good about.

collage image featuring photos of four different Ninja Creami frozen yogurt recipes, including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and peach.

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There are countless ways to use the Ninja Creami machine for making a wide variety of frozen treats.

From Ninja Creami ice creams made with pudding mix to the refreshing fruity Ninja Creami sorbets, the flavor options are endless.

Not only that, but you can whip up milkshakes and even gelato recipes with just a few simple ingredients.

But one of the most attractive features of the Ninja Creami is the ability to customize your creations to suit your dietary needs.

Many people love making higher-protein Ninja Creami treats, because it helps them meet their goals without sacrificing flavor.

One of our favorite ways to do that is with Ninja Creami frozen yogurt recipes!

You never have to get tired of the same ol’, same ol’! You can easily change up the flavor of your creations with these simple recipes.

Frozen Yogurt Recipes for the Ninja Creami

The nice thing about the Ninja Creami is that you can make your frozen yogurt as plain or as fancy as you like.

There are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Ninja Creami Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

If you’re a chocolate lover like me, you’re going to adore this recipe for Ninja Creami chocolate frozen yogurt!

It’s rich, creamy, and indulgent–but with plenty of protein, thanks to the Greek yogurt.

Need to cut some calories? Opt for monkfruit sweetener instead of sugar in this chocolatey treat.

2. Ninja Creami Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Making strawberry frozen yogurt in the Ninja Creami is one of the biggest wins in my home.

It tastes just like strawberry ice cream, but with the benefits of yogurt.

My kids LOVE this one, and I love that I can sneak in some extra protein without them knowing!

3. Ninja Creami Peach Frozen Yogurt

I’ve always loved peaches, so finding a way to incorporate them into any dessert is always a good idea, if you ask me!

So it seemed only natural to make a batch of Ninja Creami peach frozen yogurt.

Using canned peaches makes it easy to enjoy this treat year-round, too!

4. Ninja Creami Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

It doesn’t get much easier than this Ninja Creami vanilla frozen yogurt!

All you need is your favorite vanilla yogurt, plus a little bit of milk for a Re-spin.

You can add some sweetener if you think it needs it, but otherwise, it’s a super simple recipe!

5. Ninja Creami Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

This low-carb blueberry frozen yogurt uses monk fruit sweetener and stevia to decrease the sugar content.

It’s easy to make, with a nice, creamy texture!

6. Ninja Creami Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt

Vanilla yogurt combines with whey protein and sugar-free chocolate chips to create a low-carb chocolate chip frozen yogurt.

It’s like a chocolate chip ice cream, but better for you!

7. Ninja Creami Lemon Frozen Yogurt

This Ninja Creami lemon frozen yogurt recipe is vegan as written, but you could substitute regular yogurt if preferred.

It includes lemon extract plus fresh lemon juice and zest, for plenty of bright flavor!

8. Ninja Creami Lime Frozen Yogurt

Making Ninja Creami lime frozen yogurt is a citrusy dessert you’ll love!

You can use vegan or regular yogurt in the recipe, and the lime juice and zest really make for a flavorful treat.

9. Ninja Creami Cinnamon Spice Frozen Yogurt

If you’ve ever had Harney and Sons cinnamon tea, you know how good it is!

But using it to make Ninja Creami cinnamon frozen yogurt? Genius!

10. Ninja Creami Key Lime Pie Frozen Yogurt

This Ninja Creami Key lime pie frozen yogurt makes use of flavored yogurt, plus lime juice, to create a rich and creamy treat.

Add in graham crackers and it’s like eating pie in ice cream form!

Making Ninja Creami Frozen Yogurt

The next time you get a hankering for something sweet, but want to increase the protein content of the dessert, try making frozen yogurt in the Ninja Creami!

It’s a great way to use up yogurt, enjoy a delicious treat, without a lot of work!

More High Protein Ninja Creami Recipes to Try:

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collage image featuring five different frozen yogurt recipes for the Ninja Creami.